September 9, 2021
crayfish hot pot

The Secret to Making Hot and Spicy Crayfish Hotpot Like a Restaurant

A pot of spicy and spicy crayfish hotpot rich in nutrition, extremely delicious like the ones in the store, will be available right at home if you refer to the secret that we recommend below! […]
September 3, 2021
lobster hot pot

Delicious Lobster Hot Pot Recipe

No need to go out and waste time and money. You can completely cook super delicious lobster hot pot at home if you apply the following recipe. Not only attractive in appearance, lobster hotpot is […]
August 21, 2021
seafood hotpot

Seafood Hotpot

Material: Pork bones – 1kg Black tiger shrimp – 500gr Beef – 200gr Clams – 1kg Squid – 200gr Water spinach – 1 bunch Choysum – 1 bunch Finished vegetables – 1 bunch Cabbage – […]
August 10, 2021
seafood hot pot at home

How to Cook Delicious Seafood Hot Pot Simple at Home

Ingredient 100g beef 200g shrimp 500g clams 300g squid 1kg chicken bones (can be substituted with pork bones) 3 lemongrass plants 100g mushrooms 2 dangerous chili 1 bulb of garlic 2 tomatoes pineapple 30g tamarind […]
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